CD Maggie Mae
2002  Black Tobiano Mare
Homozygous for the black gene.

Registered with the Gypsy Cob Society of America, Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, Inc.
This mare was imported from England.
Bred by the Vine Family of England

Offered For Sale!



CD Maggie Mae's 2008 Foal

Cat Ballou
2008 Gyspy Filly
Born March 22, 2008
Sire: Dunbrody of Roscreigh

Pictures are at 18 hours old

catblue2 copy.jpg




CD Maggie Mae's 2007 Foal

CD Kiara
Black Tobiano Gypsy Filly
Born March 30, 2007
Sire: The Lion King (deceased)

She is eligible for all 3 registries...



Here is some information on CD Kiara's sire...

He is called "The Lion King", and he is a 15.2 hand HOMOZYGOUS stallion who is the absolute top breeding, big stallion alive today.  All of the gypsy lads are crazy about him, and clamoring to get their mares bred to this amazing horse.  Not because he's homozygous (they didn't know that, I suspected it so I did the test on him myself!), but because of two things.  First, he is simply the heaviest (in feather) horse that has ever lived (yes, that includes horses like "The Road Sweeper", "The Old Black Horse", "The Lob", and all of those), and second, he is KNOWN to produce amazing stock.  He's as proven as proven gets.  The fact that he only produces color no matter what he's bred to doesn't hurt things, but he's top because he's a proven "getter" of great stock!  This horse and his stock have been SO guarded and so in-demand for the past 5 years, and we are THRILLED to finally be able to offer horses of his breeding for sale, and to be able to have this living legend for ourselves at home in Colorado.

The Lion King is a son of the phenomenal mare called the "PO Mare" who is one of the most famous mares anywhere.  She's produced amazing stock over the years, with this awesome horse being the 'top dog'.  The sire of The Lion King had a very short career, as he died in an accident as a 2 year old, after breeding only a  few mares.  This makes "the mix" that created this horse something unique, that can never be recreated.  He is truly one of a kind.  Rumors like to say that The Lion King was bred in Ireland.  This is not true.  His sire and dam resided in England, and were bred in England.  Lion King's mother was sold to an Irish breeder when she was near to foaling and therefore he hit the ground in Ireland.  Gypsy breeders do not consider that "being bred" somewhere, the breeder that put the mare to the stallion is considered to be the "breeder" of an animal, and where it happens to be foaled is irrelevant!  Lion King went back to England as a yearling (to the same person who sold his mother in foal to Ireland), and has lived his whole life there, with that same man, until our friend "Jim" acquired him in 2003, after which he flew to the USA.

Another note of interest about this horse, his name is "The Lion King".  He has a name, and everyone knows it.  It's not many gypsy stallions that have names, and names that are known everywhere, but this guy is one of those elite few!

The Lion King is deceased but the Legend Lives On!

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